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Here's what people have been saying about XCommentPro recently: 

Product Review - Neil Lizotte

5 STARS - Fantastic Comment Application

"5 STARS - Fantastic comment application - I added comment windows on over 160 webpages in a very short period of time Fantastic!!"

Neil Lizotte

Product Review - William

Really Nice Approach And Interface

"Really nice approach and interface. As a non-techie I have only a limited appreciation for the complexity that xcomment takes on behind the scenes. THANKS!!!!"


Product Review - Jack

Answer To My Dreams!!!

"This is actually the answer to my dreams!!! Thank you ... I don't know where I'd be without you!"


Product Review - Ian

Great Work

"I give this a WOW!

I had added XCommentPro to one page and was busy adding it to others and whilst I was doing this someone added a comment to that page.

It surprised me and showed me just how visitors love interacting when visting web sites.

My site is all articles so been waiting very patiently for XCommentPro and it has lived up to its name.

Great work XSitePro Team."

New Zealand

Product Review - Charles Burke

Terrific Product That's As Simple As Can Be

"I got XCommentPro a couple of days ago and it worked perfectly straight out of the box. Downloaded and installed it, followed the 1-2-3 simple instructions, and within a few minutes I had pages with comment boxes.

Terrific product that's simple as can be. Congratulations to the development team on this one for sure."

Charles Burke

Product Review - J Townsend

Extremely Simple To Install

"The program is extremely simple to install and integrates flawlessly with XSitePro."

J Townsend

Product Review - John W

Just Love This Piece Of Software

Trust me ... XCommentPro is in a whole different league in terms of ease of use, features, admin module - everything. This is a Ferrari whereas the others aren't even scooters :D

It really is a VERY cool tool.

John W

Product Review - Tony Woest

Just Love This Piece Of Software

""I just love this piece of software, it came at just the right time for one
of my current projects."

Tony Woest

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