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Just before you submit your ticket to us, please take a moment to quickly look through the questions listed below (to which we have already written answers, for your convenience). To view the answer to a particular question (in a new window) simply click the question text in the list below.

question I've forgotten my Admin password - how can i find it?
question How do I configure htaccess?
question Can I use XCommentPro on a non-English Web site?
question Why are my comments not showing?
question I am having problems installing XCommentPro
question My pages won't view properly
question I can't unlock the XCommentPro software
question The "Add Comment" bar isn't appearing above and below my comments
question XCommentPro displays an error message when loading
question My Captcha code images don't load correctly
question The coupon code for my free (XSiteProClub) copy won't work

Hopefully you will find a question above that relates to the issue you are curently having. If so, simply click the question text and the answer will appear in a new window. If you cannot find the question / answer relating to you problem, then please feel free to use the support ticket submission tool, below.

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If none of the questions & answers above can help you, and you have tried to resolve your problem using the resources provided, then feel free to submit a support ticket to our knowledgeable team here at XCommentPro. Tickets are answered within 24 hours of being submitted during working days (Monday to Friday). Tickets submitted after Thursday evening may not be answered until the following Monday.

To submit a support ticket request, use the form below. Please take care to describe the nature of your problem in as much detail as you can - this will help our technical support team to resolve the problem as quickly as possible for you.

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