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XCommentPro sets a completely new benchmark in the world of commenting, rating script features and visitor interaction for your web pages. No other commenting system affords such a full and comprehensive feature-set, yet in a package that makes creating these powerful additions to your site a 'snap'.

XCommentPro is no light-weight 'script' or 'utility' - this is a fully-featured piece of software designed from the ground-up to give you an unprecedented level of control and functionality over adding interactivity to your web page content.

Take a moment to look through the list of features you will have access to, below, when you grab your own copy of the XCommentPro software:

What's included in this commenting and rating script:

bullet Fully compatible with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, ExpressionWeb, XSitePro and ALL major web authoring packages
bullet Commenting system can also be manually inserted into HTML source code, if you are hand-coding your web page content
bullet Create unlimited commenting systems and embed them across your web pages to make them fully interactive
bullet Includes downloadable client software that you can install on your PC and use to quickly and easily generate commenting systems for insertion into your web pages
bullet Allow your web page visitors to add their comments to your web page
bullet Add "Star Rating" functionality to your web page
bullet Enable "Feedback Scoring" so visitors may rate each other's comments
bullet Users may add their name, location and website data into their posts
bullet Give users the option to add personal avatar images to personalise all their comment postings
bullet If you want, you can require all users posting comments/ratings to your page to register before they can post - a great way to build a targeted mailing list!
bullet If using the registration feature, you can require a double opt-in by registrants, ensuring a 'clean' list of genuine e-mail addresses
bullet Optionally require Captcha code entry on registration and/or individual post submissions
bullet Set your commenting system to require verification from you, before new comments may be displayed - useful if you want to double-check posts before they go live
bullet Enable "Reporting" feature on your commenting, so that inflammatory/offensive posts may be reported to you by your web page visitors
bullet Add RSS feed functionality to your web page commenting system, so visitors may subscribe to the commenting on that page, and be kept up to date automatically on what others are contributing to the discussion
bullet Integrate Social Bookmarking links into your commenting system to make it easy for visitors to promote your page content using services such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg and more...
bullet Create automatic "Tag Clouds" for your comment lists, and allow users to self-categorize their posts. A great way to display the prominent themes running thorough your comments to other visitors
bullet Have XCommentPro perform 'pagination' of your comments - all you need to do is set how many comments you want per-page, then let XCommentPro automatically split the full list of comments up accordingly
bullet Access a powerful, password-protected administration area on-line, giving you instant access to detailed reports and statistics across ALL the commenting systems you have embedded throughout your web site.

View reports in your administration area including:

bullet Post-counts on individual pages

bullet Editable lists of comments posted to individual web pages

bullet Posts requiring verification before publishing

bullet Tag-counts across all comments

bullet Full details of tags being used across different commenting systems on your site

bullet User-counts on individual pages

bullet User-lists, so you can manage people who have registered with your commenting system

bullet Word-counts across the comments placed throughout your site

bullet Last 30 days' activity

bullet Last 12 months' activity

bullet Most popular day-of-week

bullet Set your commenting system to prioritize the ordering of displayed comments by date, rating, feedback score or even the presence of your keywords.

Have XCommentPro automatically send you notification e-mails to your inbox, on events taking place such as:

bullet A comment being posted

bullet A comment requiring approval

bullet A comment receiving negative feedback score(s)

bullet A comment being submitted with a low star-rating

bullet A comment being reported

So you can relax, safe in the knowledge you are being kept right up-to-date, and in full control, by your commenting system


Set your commenting system to automatically remove comments from your web page after certain conditions (of your choosing) are met:

bullet After a period of time - keeping comments 'current'

bullet After a set number of posts have been submitted - keeping things manageable

bullet After a set level of negative feedback scores - keep the quality high

bullet After a comment has been reported a set number of times - clearing out offensive posts for you

bullet Activate completely automated PDF reports - e-mailed to you at set intervals so you can keep tabs on how your site-wide commenting is performing from wherever you might be - even using your Blackberry or iPhone!
bullet Control and remove offensive words in posts automatically, using fully-customizable bad word filtration.
bullet Features in-built publishing engine which will automatically upload all of the necessary files and folders to your web hosting account, the engine for your commenting system
bullet Fully-compatible with any web hosting account featuring PHP functionality (which is 99.9% of hosting accounts!)
And the features don't stop at the software, either!
bullet Quick Start Guide PDF (also available online) that you can use to quickly get your commenting system set up, in the minimum amount of time
bullet Full Instruction Manual PDF (also available online) describing, in detail, all the features and functionality of the XCommentPro software
bullet Full in-software help system - just hit "F1" on your keyboard to access contextual help for the screen you're viewing at any time
bullet Support FAQ available on this web site, answering commonly-asked questions
bullet Dedicated customer support staff ready to answer your questions about the XCommentPro software, with 24 hour response assured (during normal working days)

As you can see from the list of features above, XCommentPro offers you everything you could want and need to run an effective user-generated content system across your whole web site.

Ready to try it out for yourself?...

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